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Our Work Authorisation Process Can Now be Performed Online

Lost? Our old form is still available for download here.

Customer Details

(*Must be completed)

*Name/Buisness Name:



*Postal Address:



*Email Address:


Vessel Details


*Vessel Rego:

*Type and Make:

*Vessel Key Location:

*Vessel Location:

Details of Work Requested

*List The Details of Work you would Like to Request:

  • AUTHORITY: As the Customer I authorise Mainstream Marine to carry out the above requested work.
  • MEANS AND ABILITY: I the Customer warrant that I have the present and future ability to pay for all costs incurred, including labour, parts and materials, upon completion of the above mentioned work.means-and-liability
  • TERMS & CONDITIONS: I the Customer have read and agree with Mainstream Marine’s Terms and Conditions, which are stated in links provided here, and further agree to adhere to Mainstream Marine’s Terms and Conditions.
    • *Name/Company Name:
    • *Position:
    • *Contact Phone Number:

NOTE: Any deposits due, must be paid before any goods will be ordered or work commenced.

*I have read and accept all points on this form and I have read, agree with and further agree to adhere to Mainstream Marine’s Terms and Conditions

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